The Calm before the storm

Funny how days pan out sometimes. For the last few years since I moved into my house I have overlooked a very under-used portion of my garden. What appeared to be a stone planter filled with gravel on closer inspection today was actually filled with soil dressed with three paving slabs and gravel on top. 

I am not too sure why I never considered this to be the case or even why I didn’t bother to at least investigate it until today. Fortunately I did…as I now have an extra raised bed for the cost of two bags of compost! This certainly feels like a big win. For the last two seasons I have grown my root veg below my young apple cordons. However as the roots of these trees begin to spread – I have noticed a few of the parsnips this year beginning to fork. The extra raised bed now gives me the opportunity to transfer my root veg into this extra growing space thereby freeing up the bed below the cordons for something else. 

The question now of course is…what? 

This is by far the sunniest corner of the garden and therefore I am seriously considering squashes and pumpkins which I can let roam across the patio? I’ve a couple more months to give it some thought…but it’s fair to say, I’m a little more excited than I should be about this extra space! Bring on the summer! 

Elsewhere in the garden, the garlic is now getting into its stride and has really started to put on some timber since it first poked its head above the soil back in January. 

Meanwhile round the front of the house, the first daffs are beginning to flower as the mild winter continues. This is certainly the earliest I have seen these. Typically end of Feb is more the norm. 

This year I am also attempting to grow basil from cuttings. Each year I have failed miserably at starting them from seed so with a £1.50 plant from the supermarket I think it’s well worth the gamble. The cuttings will sit in water for a couple of weeks before hopefully being potted on to produce more cuttings. 

Watch this space for further updates…

3 thoughts on “The Calm before the storm

  1. Good idea to grow parsnips elsewhere! They might disturb the cordon’s roots as well as being wonky.

    Squash and such are heavy feeders and require quite a bit of water, so might not be best with trees. The trees will get used to being watered and might not flourish hungry vegetables taking their nutrients.

    1. Perhaps. I did however see a video from Charles dowsing who had planted squash below his fruit trees. I’m hoping the large foliage will help keep the ground moist when warm and dry. Let’s see how it goes though. It’s definitely a bit of an experiment.

      1. That’s interesting. You can but try!

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