Things can only get better…

Today marks the Winter Solstice and with it the longest night of the year. Yet it is also a day of promise – a time to celebrate the returning sun and longer days.

In true geekiness and in search of some hope for the return of Spring warmth I happened across an amazing app the other day called Lumos. Whilst a point of interest for gardeners and non gardeners alike, it tracks the sun across the sky at any given time of the year.

This is quite a useful tool which gives an opportunity to see how much direct sunlight will filter down to new planting’s in spring for instance. Or…even the ability to see where the sun will rise and set on a given day.

As the image above illustrates – it is also able to utilise your phones camera to provide an overlaid path relative to your position and perspective. At the moment my small garden receives very little light and it is easy to see why. However it is quite astonishing to toggle through the months and observe how quickly this changes as the seasons progress.

Although the app is unable to allow you to fast forward to summer in real-time . It is free to download so why not give it a try and at least dream of warm sunshine.


2 thoughts on “Things can only get better…

  1. What an interesting app! I’m going to have to check that one out!

    1. It’s quite interesting to see how quickly the light returns between now and March!

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