A moment to pause

Tomorrow marks the day when the sun sets at its earliest time in the year in my location in the UK.

This seems counterintuitive as the shortest day does not take place until next week on the Winter Solstice. However, this anomaly begins to mark the moment of returning sunlight and the slow march back towards Spring.

To mark this moment I decided to treat myself to a small batch of new seeds which I intend to sow in the new year.

All purchased from a local seed merchant WM Robinson’s in Lancaster – I have chosen the following varieties to begin the 2019 season:

– Tomato – Oh Happy Days (reputed to be of excellent blight resistance).

– Sweet Pepper – D’asti Giallo

– Onion – Red Baron

– Onion – Golden Bear

The onions I am looking to grow from seed. These will be planted out down at the Allotment in March or April.

Both the tomatoes and Peppers will be cultivated under glass at home and remain within the confines of the immediate garden space in order to maintain the watering regime which was a daily task last summer.

The cultivation of the Peppers has practically come full circle now. This evening I harvested a green pepper alongside a nice handful of fresh rocket leaves.

So far this autumn the weather has rarely dipped much below freezing and I am benefiting greatly from this extended season. Perhaps with the prospect of Global Warming this will become the norm? However as I learnt last year…the cold weather can make a very late arrival – with snow recorded across a number of days in March 2018.

Having said this…next years planning begins now. Christmas is a useful time to take stock and reflect on what has been successful or unsuccessful in the preceding year and also a time to look forward to the prospect of growing for the year ahead.

So with that thought…I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year in the garden!


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