…after the Horse has bolted!

2018 has not been a good year for leeks. At least not for me anyway. I have quite a large number in the ground to harvest over winter, however they are rather thin and windswept. This morning I also noticed that a few had developed the dreaded premature flower stalk.


The question at this point – is what to do? I can either pull the whole plant up and try and salvage what is left or take a more drastic and experimental approach.

I recall reading somewhere that bolted leeks can be cut right back to encourage new growth? I am not sure if this is a case of too little too late or whether there is any scientific basis behind this strategy. In any case – I decided to give it ago to see what happens.

Looking back on the season – I think my problem stems from sowing far too early in the season. I was too hasty back in early February and I have a feeling that this could be causing the lack of thickening substantial growth akin to a healthy leek?

Oh – well nothing lost and knowledge gained I suppose. If anyone has had a similar experience please comment and let me know.


5 thoughts on “…after the Horse has bolted!

  1. Were the leeks perhaps just too hot and thirsty over the summer?

    1. Hard to say…it has been a very hot summer however I tried to water every day during the driest spells so if they did bolt due to this it wasn’t for want of trying. There’s always next year to try again!

      1. Next year will no doubt be completely different!

      2. I hope so…may try a different variety too!

      3. I’m always doing that anyway 😊

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